Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yoga is Like a Bowl of Mango Salsa...

So, I think I have yoga on the brain! It seems like everywhere I look lately, I see a lesson in yoga. Some back story:

My husband and I just spent an amazing week with our dear friends, Natasha and Peter, and her welcoming and wonderful family! We spent a few days at the beach, relaxed around the pool and took a much needed break from our hectic summer lives. At our last dinner, Natasha whipped together a delicious mango salsa. Now, I have never had mango salsa (mostly because I firmly believe that fruits and vegetables should not mix), but since she made it and is a great cook, I tried it. And loved it!

When we returned home, I threw a surprise party for my husband's birthday and I wanted to re-create Natasha's mango salsa. I looked and looked online for a recipe that matched my friend's, but wasn't able to find an exact match. I found myself starting to get frustrated because I wouldn't be able to create an exact replica of the salsa. I knew how great it had tasted, and I felt like mine should be the same. I finally resolved to try to remember the main ingredients and then add whatever I liked to the mix. And as it turns salsa was great! It was not the same exact taste, but it had the same core flavors plus some of my other favorites mixed it. I had been fixated on recreating the same thing, and I had to check in with myself on why it was so important to make THAT salsa.

I find this check in to be important for me in yoga as well. I've learned the fundamentals and the basics of what goes into a pose or a practice, but I also am learning to trust myself. I have to allow my body to tell me what's right feels right. It does not matter if I can create the exact same pose as the teacher or a person on the mat next to me. I have the basic recipe, but it is up to me to add my own flavor. And sometimes my poses can be spicier than others! I love finding these connections between every day life and yoga. It reminds me that my practice is constantly evolving and I'm learning more every day!

Here's a quick recipe for MY mango salsa, but I hope you'll add your own spice!

  • 2- Heirloom tomatoes 
  • 1/3- Vidalia onion 
  • 1- Ripe mango
  • 2- Tomatillos
  • 1- Jalapeno (most seeds removed)
  • Cilantro to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Squeeze of fresh lime juice 
Chop ingredients, add lime juice, salt and pepper and mix! Then grab a big bag of tortilla chips and some friends to enjoy what you've made!